About The Trip

If anyone ever asked, “what place would you most like to visit”, my answer would be Africa. But, I never really thought I would ever get to go to such an exotic and far away place. The fantastic guide we selected for our photo safari was professional wildlife photographer, Paul Renner (RennerSafaris.com). We chose the Jan/Feb safari because it is the birthing season for all the animals. It was amazing to see babies of almost every┬álarge animal in the Serengeti.

The beauty of the landscape was one of my biggest surprises because I expected to see only flat, grassy plains. However, each of the four game preserves we visited had varied and distinct terrain with each area being spectacular. We spent 12 days in the preserves and went on game drives each day in the morning and again in the afternoon. Most days we spent eight or more hours photographing animals from Land Rovers.

The safari was truly an experience of a lifetime and it was all and even more than I had hoped it would be.

Photo by James Davis

Carolyn & Bobby Whiteside on African Photo Safari



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Impressions Photography by Carolyn Whiteside